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Your Partner at three separate locations

Getting up close to achieve more: As people, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk face-to-face with other people. With three separate locations in Northern Germany, Emde & Partner is there for you as an expert adviser for all areas of auditing and tax consultancy. Our headquarter is in Bremen with branch offices in Stade and Kiel. However, we are not bound to any location or region: we work throughout Germany on behalf of our clients.


People in focus

It is people who give a company its face. They get down to work, have ideas, import their experience and create trust and values. It is for that reason that at Emde & Partner, it is people who are the focus: Clients with their requests and demands, their expectations and values who are advised and supported by the partners and employees of Emde & Partner - the partners and employees who give the company its face.

Well-known faces discovered again

As a highlight at this point from time to time we'll show one of our faces to you. Actually Magnus von Buchwaldt welcomes you because of his appointment as an assessor at the Bungesgerichtshof (one of our highest courts of justice). He is our partner at the office in Kiel. You can discover more details at our page www.emde-partner.de/partner or even at www.westpruefung-emde.de/gesellschafter

Valuing trust

As auditors and tax consultants we delve deep into the facts and figures of our clients’ interests. We analyse numerical values constantly using our specialist knowledge and with a keen eye on the business contexts. These skills are augmented by continuity, experience, reliability and discretion. This is why so many of our clients have placed their trust in us down through the generations.

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